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Someone once told me listening to us is like drinking through a firehouse. Someone else explained listening to us was like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. So, we’re like drinking warm chocolate through a firehouse; deeply informed, caring, and engaged in simplifying and sharing anything that pertains to your personal economy.

Sam Legaspi Photo

Sam Legaspi

Sam's path to financial speaking and educating seemed to be a foregone conclusion from the day he graduated college many years ago and became a financial consultant. Given his curious nature, it wasn’t long before Sam set out to solve the ultimate question—why do some people succeed in the money game while others don’t? Of course, this is a complicated equation with several moving parts, but Sam has been able to break it down and explain why it isn’t so complicated after all.

In the process of solving that equation, Sam discovered that every client has a unique journey that offers clues to their successes and failures. Throughout his roles as vice-president of several well-respected companies on Wall Street, Sam conveyed the essence of these stories of success to everyone he encountered. He understood that money—and people’s understanding of it—played a key role in family dynamics, and that not knowing the rules of money could derail their dreams. Through it all, Sam witnessed poor money decisions followed by even poorer money decisions, and he felt helpless as these stories played out.

Sam became inspired to help others make better money decisions and founded The Financial Liberty Project. Now Sam is living out his mission to teach families the rules that empower them to take steps toward financial liberty.  After all, Sam knows that we all want to wake up one day and never have to worry about money.

Kozen Tsukamoto Photo

Kozen Tsukamoto

Kozen Tsukamoto was a co-host of the financial radio show “Sam and Koz on the Money” on NBC’s nationally broadcast KCAA radio station in California. In addition to fulfilling his duties as an educator, Kozen helps individuals and businesses identify strategies to protect and grow their financial assets.

Kozen has an analytical background in computer science and years of experience in developing software for U.S. Department of Defense programs. He was recruited by the finance industry through relationships he had developed over the years in the investment community.

Having been witness to the successes and failures of so many individuals, he agrees with the adages: “you can’t fix stupid” and “attitude is everything.” Kozen believes successful individuals make the choice to be happy, they learn with humility from their own and others’ mistakes, they seek the silver lining when bad things happen so something can be learned, and they thrill in the eradication of stupid from their lives.